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  • Turinabol was developed in the 1960's when East German's were looking for an edge for their Olympic and competitive athletes. It is currently only obtainable through underground labs.This is a slower acting steroid. When using Turinabol, weight, strength and muscle mass increases will not be overly dramatic; however, they will be of good quality. Turinabol Dosage Per Day also does not typically create risk for estrogenic side effects, so there is limited water retention or risk for gynecomastia. The user can obtain a hard look to their muscles due to limited water retention. Turinabol can also lower the clotting ability of blood.If you really want to boost your natural testosterone levels, and receive all the benefits that come with it ie. greater muscle mass and strength, improved endurance, enhanced recovery etc.



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    Oral Turinabol Cycle Results or TBol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is a good anabolic steroid for any purpose cycle. It will not produce the amount of mass other steroids do (turinabol is a “long term” steroid), however, the matter is that your mass will be exactly the size you want - pure muscle tissue. Also Turinabol enhances athletic performance and force, significantly promotes muscular endurance.

    Turinabol tablets (known as “vitamins”) was the key steroid administered to approximately 10,000 athletes from East Germany (GDR) as secret official doping program. Turinabol was used by the East German weight lifting team at 10g per year (27mg per day), and this documentation also notes that the leading East German sprinter was administered no more than 730mg per year (2mg per day). Compared to the majority of anabolic steroids, turinabol has one huge advantage - this steroid is very hard to detect. It is made possible by the incredible speed of excretion from the body, which takes just 5 days.

    Oral Turinabol Cycle Results (CDMT) can be useful to any bodybuilder as it can maintain strength while dieting and help push through workouts a little harder, however it will be most valuable to sportsmen giving them more power and speed. The athlete will find his strength is noticeably improved. Turinabol as a cutting agent is a great steroid to use in a long cutting cycle.

    As part of a mass gaining cycle, this product combines very well with Testosterone or Parabolan, Boldenone, Nandrolone, Masteron or tablets such as Androlic. For an increase in strength, this steroid can also be combined with Anavar. During a dry weight gain cycle, this product combines well with Winstrol Oral Dosages, Primobolan Depot Dosage, Primabolan, Clenbuterol, Cytomel.

    Turinabol is a derivative of Metandienone with some modifications in its chemical structure. Oral Turinabol has a half-life of 16 hours. This is considered long when compared to other oral androgens. Turinabol should be taken for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks (dosage: 2-6 tabs (20-60mg) per day).

    Turinabol Dose Bodybuilding Cycles

    When it comes to putting together a solid Turinabol 10mg cycle, athletes and bodybuilders must first determine whether they are interested in boosting their muscle mass or cutting fat; either is possible with Turinabol 10mg. For the most part, when it comes to cycling, remember that the main purpose of this particular steroid is to enhance other steroids. There is one caveat, however; it is important to avoid pairing oral Turinabol 10mg with other oral steroids that are known for hepatotoxicity, such as Dianabol 20mg Pills.

    Be sure that you keep your cycle lengths as short as possible, especially if you are using the oral form. Not only does this minimize the risk of side effects, but it also helps to protect your liver. The higher your dose, the shorter your cycle should be. As an example, if you are taking 40mg of Turinabol 10mg per day, you can extend your cycle out to as long as 12 weeks. On the other hand, if you are using the maximum recommended dose of 80mg per day, you should cut your cycle length to six or eight weeks at the most.


    For men, I recommend 20-50mgs per day as part of a steroid stack. Many bodybuilders think they have to use it in high dosages for good results, this is false. Since Tbol does not aromatize, don’t expect the scale to move daily, as you won’t retain a lot of water in your muscles.

    Women can run Tbol at tiny dosages, 2.5-7.5mgs per day max. It can cause virilization at higher dosages. Remember the East German women jokes? They are rooted in tbol use, so be very careful ladies.

    Turinabol Side Effects

    Oral Turinabol Dosage Per Day is known as one of the ‘mild’ oral anabolic steroids, often put in the same category as Anavar (Oxandrolone) and Primobolan. Turinabol also lacks any estrogenic component and does not cause estrogen levels to rise. This means Tbol is a relatively safe compound for women and those wanting a mild steroid as an introduction into the world of anabolics.

    Turinabol’s chemical alteration of holding a double-bond between carbons 1 and 2, as well as the 4-chloro modification, grant it with a significantly reduced androgenic strength. This, though, does not avoid the androgenicity of Turinabol on users. In higher doses, Tbol can cause androgenic symptoms such as aggression, roid rage and acne. Turinabol is also metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme into a stronger androgenic metabolite, but the rate of 5AR reduction that Turinabol is exposed to is known to be very minor. The usage of 5AR inhibitors such as Proscar, Dutasteride and Finastride would likely be ineffective.

    Turinabol is a modified form of Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, Dbol), and while Dianabol does hold a moderate affinity for aromatization into estrogen, Turinabol does not at all. Turinabols chemical makeup makes interaction with the estrogen receptor (ER) impossible. This is the result of its 4-chloro substitution (the chloro group that has been affixed to the 4th carbon on the steroid structure). Turinabol cannot therefore aromatase at any dosage. Side effects such as, gynecomastia will not be the resilt of Turinabol usage.

    As previously noted, cholesterol levels can change when oral steroids are used, even for short periods. Recent research has pointed the finger at cholesterol as being one of the most important steroid related side effects bodybuilders want to avoid. The thickening of the blood (red blood count RBC), artery plaque, high blood pressure, high LDL and low HDL can and will lead to coronary heart disease (CHD) if adequate precautions aren’t taken. It is thus advised; all oral steroids are taken for cycles of 6-8 weeks and no longer. Support supplements are also advised, these include: Curcumin, Citrus Bergamot, Vitamin K2, Omega-3.