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  • Riptropin For Sale is an injectable human growth hormone of the highest grade. HGH which is naturally produced by the pituitary glad is responsible for many functions in the human body. HGH promotes muscle development while decreasing fat, promoting a favorable body composition It also helps with lowering cholesterol and feelings of well-being. People who are deficient in GH usually have weak bones, decreased muscle strength, increased body fat, higher cholesterol and may suffer from depression. Riptropin HGH Dosage [rDNA origin] is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone. Riptropin is identical to natural growth hormone that your pituitary gland produces because it is made by secretion technology that makes a 191 amino acid sequence.



    Riptropin 10iu/vial

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    HGH Riptropin 10IU is a highly effective bodybuilding and strength enhancing supplement. Most often Riptropin HGH 100iu is used in cycles. It may be three months on and then off for one month. It is usually injected daily using 4 to 5 IUs/injection. Most users experience increased muscle density and muscle mass and an increase in energy. In addition, Generic HGH Dosage users do not experience the increased aggression that is normally induced by anabolic steroid use. Kigtropin can also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from injuries such as muscles or tendon tears. Most physicians will tell you that HGH certainly has some therapeutic benefits.

    What's the Riptropin HGH 100iu?

    Riptropin is one of the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormones on the market today. It is a proper 191 amino acid sequence Somatropin (natural to human body) and is produced by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.
    Riptropin is created using secretion technology. Genetically modified E.coli bacteria secrete human body's identical somatropin which is then isolated and freeze dried. This method produces a very stable form of a molecule, which is otherwise too fragile to survive room temperatures or shaking. When freeze dried it remains stable at 37C (98F degrees) for over 30 days or 45C degrees for over a week.
    According to IMS, an internationally recognized marketing firm, Riptropin For Sale is the absolute market leader in China with just over 75% of market share. It was first introduced in 1997 when it was the first somatropin brand produced in China.

    Riptropin can be used for various treatments.

    It can be used in cases of lack of natural growth hormone in children and adults. It can also be used in cases when normal levels of growth hormone are produced but above normal levels are desirable. In children it can be used when lack of natural growth hormone is produced, therefore stature problems may occur so Riptorpin can be given as an aid to increase child growth. In adults it can be used in cases in which natural growth hormone have declined. It can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and improve the skin elastically and decrease wrinkles. Other treatments in which Riptropin HGH 100iu can be used are Turner's syndrome, organ transplantations, burns and traumas.

    Usage of Riptropin For Sale

    Appearance: Each vial contains 10iu of Riptropin HGH Dosage in the form of white powder. Power may look caked or in small particles, that is normal for growth hormone.

    Dosage: Based on treatment being used for. Daily dosage varies between 0.005mg per kilo of body weight to 0.06mg per kilo of body weight. It's recommended to begin with lower dosage and gradually increase it up to required target dosage. Please act according to what your physician tells you in regard to dosage to not exceed.

    Drug Reaction and Other treatments: Drug interactions may lead to side effects or decrease or increase the medicine potency. Check with your doctor that the other drugs you're taking do not interfere with this drug's action. Treatments of other conditions should be discussed before using Riptropin. It is especially important to diabetics to check with their doctor because Riptropin HGH Dosage may chance insulin requirements.

    Precaution: Keep a record of doses. If you are diabetic or using insulin or any other diabetic, sugar lowering medicine you should monitor your blood glucose closely because growth hormone may change your body response to insulin.

    These are the typical hGH doses that people use:

    *Anti-Aging: 2iu-4iu daily
    *Fat loss: 4iu-8iu daily
    *Muscle building: 8iu-24iu daily

    Most people follow one of the following protocols:
    *Every day injections
    *Every day injections, with 2 days off every 6th day (a.k.a. 5 days on, 2 days off);
    *Alternate day injections - In this manner the dose taken every other day is double that of the "Every day injection" protocol.

    Side Effects

    Riptropin HGH 100iu does not have side effects in most people. Most side effects will stop with continued usage or by lowering the dose. Common side effects are pain in joints, this is due to water which may be pushing nerves. If pain doesn’t stop consider lowering the dosage, talk with your doctor. Depending on the dosage and each individual's response to growth hormone treatment Riptropin produces typical side effects associated with high purity somatropin. These side effects range from requirement to take afternoon "baby" naps, carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, morning aches and hypoglycemia. Do not use the drug if you are allergic to any of it’s components. Please tell your doctor if you have any other symptoms at once.


    Keep at 2-8C. The product can stay for a month in normal room temperature. After dilution it must be refrigerated. In case of sterile water it must be used within 3 days. If you dilute with bacteriostatic water you can use even after 7 days or more.