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  • The brand name of Igtropin (Long-R3 IGF-1) is Igtropin and its generic name is IGtropin IGF-1 LR3. The most active formula of this drug is Long-R3 IGF-1. This formula improved by chemical method. Its amino acid fluctuations can avoid binding to proteins in the human corpse and tolerate it. The results of this activity leads a longer half-life about 20-30 hours. Igtropin 100mcg (Long-R3 IGF-1) has some benefits, such as: improved amino acid carrying cells, amplified glucose transport, augmented protein mixture, reduced protein degradation, improved RNA combination.



    Igtropin 10mcg/vial

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    Igtropin10mcg/vial100vials 10kitsAUD$20.35AUD$2,035.26

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    Igtropin 100mcg IGF-1 LR3 also known as Long Arg3 IGF-1, is a recombinant protein analogue of human Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 that has a molar mass of 9,200 Daltons and is comprised of 83 amino acids. IGF-1 LR3 comprises the complete IGF-1 sequence, but with a 13 amino acid extension on the B-Terminus domain and the substitution of an Arginine for the Glutamic Acid at position 3. The LR3 analogue of IGF-1 was created with the intent to drastically increase the biological activity of the protein and IGF-LR3 is several times more potent than rhIGF-1. This specific sequence alteration has decreased the affinity of binding to the IGFBPs, which control the biological actions of IGF-1 and prevent the protein from reaching the IGF-1 receptors.Specifications: 100MG/vial,10vials/kit.

    Packing: 1000 mcg vials, 10 vials / kit

    Storage: a cool(2~8 ℃) & dry place protected from light, keep package close when not in use.

    How is igtropin different?

    One of the main distinctions of Igtropin among similar preparations is that it combines IGF-1 and the binding protein, which permits to considerably extend semi-life of the preparation and, therefore, increase its efficiency. At the same time, use of the growth hormone in combination with Igtropin For Sale becomes irrelevant. At present, Igtropin For Sale can be considered a unique preparation as nothing that could match it had been produced before. Chinese pharmacists called the effective substance of the newly created preparation IGF-1 Long R3, emphasizing combination of the insulin-like growth factor and the binding protein.

    How to take Igtropin

    Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in 1985 and approved by the FDA for specific uses in children and adults. In children, injections of human growth hormone approved to treat short stature of unknown cause as well as weak growth in a number of medical causes, including:

    Syndrome Shereshevsky-Turner, a genetic disorder that affects a girl’s development;
    Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder causing impairment of muscle tone, low levels of sex hormones, and constant hunger;
    Chronic kidney disease;
    The growth hormone deficiency or insufficiency;
    Children born small for gestational age.

    Taken orally, HGH (Igtropin 100mcg, Generic IGF-1 LR3) is digested in the stomach before it can be absorbed into the body.
    In many publications on medicine, wrote that growth hormone dosage of 17 to 25 ME of performance is 100 micrograms of Igtropin. Given this information, you can try yourself to calculate the daily dosage of the individual, but in reality the use of Igtropin more complicated process.

    Igtropin minimum dosage that can positively impact on the body, is equal to 20 micrograms per day. The indicated dosage is unlikely to cause significant set of muscles, but other properties of the drug will be shown in full. The average dosage varies from 40 to 60 micrograms per day Igtropin. With this amount of dosage of its effectiveness and impact on the muscle mass will be more tangible. The use of such dose will help increase muscle mass, strength and performance will not lead to the emergence of negative manifestations. Just show itself and the drug as an effective fat burner. The maximum dosage should not exceed 120 micrograms per day.

    The duration of Igtropin Benefits averages from 30 to 40 days, after which a pause is required, the duration of a month. A more long-term use and excess of allowable dosages side effects may occur that adversely affect health.

    Another important issue is application Igtropin method of breeding. For the solution can be used germicidal water, since it is the most profitable option. You can use the water for injections and physical.

    Possible side effects

    The main problem when using Igtropin phenomenon is that increases the speed of the body's cells, including cancer. That is, if we use this tool for a very long time, it will increase not only muscle mass, but any tumor. Therefore, the use of this drug is not recommended to persons with oncological nature of the problem. Igtropin may contribute to the progression of diabetes, but only among those who are predisposed to it at the genetic level.

    Minor side effects of the drug are not a big problem. Igtropin can cause nausea, fatigue and weakness.